see-of-lies asked: Hi there, I'm sure you get questions like this all the time but how did you get to become a stylist? Do you have tips? I've been obsessed with fashion since i was a child and would die to be able to style big shoots like you have done. I just have no clue where to start?

haha i haven’t ever done any big shoots…just tests and a spec editorial. also one online editorial that i wasn’t given credit before because unbeknownst to me, the job was really just the photographer trying to see if our energies meshed or some bullshit. apparently he didn’t think they did, so i got no credit and he made me take the pics off my website lol. but i connected with a couple of great photographers, or they connected with me, and then i styled for them. 


gabriellegrove asked: Do you just have to scout for people in NY? Or do people have to have money to come there? What do you look for ordinary girls?

no, scouting is done internationally through social media and mother agency websites. 

at my agency (i can’t speak for all of them), we skype with a girl if we’re interested in representing her. if we like her personality and think she has a good look, then we will pay for her flight to new york. however, we will charge the cost of the flight back to her and it will come out of her earnings.